Convict History Ep 3: 2005 Cronulla Riots & 1854 Eureka Rebellion

December 23, 2018
We discuss two consequential Australian uprisings; the 2005 Cronulla riots and the 1854 Eureka Rebellion. Show Notes: 1:45: Cronulla Riots // 33:30: Eureka Rebellion Pop & Locke Facebook Pop & Locke Twitter Pop & Locke Minds Pop & L...
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Ep 9: Matrix Was A Docco w/ Sam Hansen

December 17, 2018
We are joined by special guest Sam Hansen of The Critical Thinkers Society to discuss his new book A Sleeping Generation Awakens. We also discuss The Matrix (the reality, not the trilogy), burying gold in the backyard and how the Gilets Jaunes protest is actually run by the Kremlin. Show Notes: 1:30: The Critical Thinkers Society and A Sleeping Generation Awakens // 16:00: Responding to criticisms of ‘alarmism’ // 21:05: Is it possible to...
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Ep 8: Drag Queen Storytime

December 09, 2018
We discuss weaponised schoolchildren, the state of the meme economy, and drag queen teachers. Show Notes: 1:20: Donald Trump ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS marriages // 13:45: Student activists are stunning and brave // 30:25: Anthony Mundine: “I was only pretending to be retarded” // 35:30: CNN furious Fox isn’t CNN // 46:55: Regulatory constraints on the meme economy // 53:35: Michelle Obama’s big book tour // 1:26:00: Franceposting // 1:41:20:...
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Ep 7: Gamers: The Most Oppressed Minority

November 25, 2018
* We apologise for both the lateness of this, Sunday the 25th’s episode, as well as the bad quality of the audio and echoing. We have attempted to edit out what problems we could. The panel discuss the most oppressed minority; gamers, Victoria’s overton window, and Mexican white supremacists. Show Notes: 1:10: A Gamer has never held the Presidential office / 8:50: Cursed The Guardian opinions / 26:05: PassionateAthiest assures us s...
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Ep 6: The Controlled Opposition Episode

November 19, 2018
The panel discuss Minecraft and Fortnite, Antisemitism and Tony Abbott shilling for China. Show Notes: 1:30: Cultural Marxism Doesn’t Even Real / 12:40: Facebook hires people to “suggest” Soros funds rival tech companies / 18:20: Unintentional and Intrusive Aviposting / 47:20: Vic Liberals Propose CBD ban / 54:35: Islamic peace text found in Melbourne airport prayer room / 1:00:20: Florida Woman Rigs Election / 1:19:00: Macron and Zucc: Super...
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