Important Announcement for all subscribers!

January 28, 2019
An announcement regarding the show going forward including information about our new hosting. Here are the platforms the show has been migrated to with our new host so far: iTunes Podbean (our new primary host) Spotify 
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Ep 13: The Meta /// Right w/ Tom Tomorrow

January 21, 2019
We are joined by very special guest Tom Tomorrow of the Meta /// Right for an esoteric philosophy episode to discuss the relationship between language, aesthetics, and reality, living in the time of post-irony, and a very fake hate note. Show Notes: 4:25: What is the Meta /// Right? // 25:50: “The Alt-Right is the Right in its ‘id’ form” // 36:30: Right-Wing satire a...
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Ep 12: I’m Gonna Get Me A Beer

January 14, 2019
We discuss Hollywood spooking away all the comedy, Liz Warren’s down-to-earth millennial persona, and MSM apologism for communist street beatings. Show Notes: 1:15: Hollywood cucks for China // 7:15: Nobody wants to host The Oscars // 15:30: MSM vs Fraser Anning // 44:40: Liz Warren gets herself a beer // 1:01:15: Trump state of emergency address // 1:07:15: German politician bashed by street thugs ...
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Ep 11: Vietnamese White Supremacy

January 06, 2019
We discuss the spooky ultra far far right very bad no good Murdoch media, the Prime Minister’s dog whistles, and TV Guide’s Stalinist show trials. Show Notes: 1:40: Kids meet a woman who killed her baby // 23:45: Vietnamese vigilantism // 42:30: St Kilda happening // 1:12:10: ‘Problematic’ Chris Pratt // 1:23:30: TRUMP DOESN’T VISIT THE TROOPS / TRUMP VISITS THE TROOPS TOO WELL // 1:35:30: Yellow Vests target MSM // 1:38:40: WHO H...
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Ep 10: Das Anime

December 25, 2018
We discuss the highly anticipated Karl Marx anime, the creepy male feminist epidemic and Trump pulling out. Show Notes: 1:50: Karl Marx Anime // 11:25: Morroccan murders and Human Unversalism // 23:45 Q U I C K R U N D O W N on NSW Greens factional dispute // 37:50: The culture of male feminism // 51:30: George Christensen dindu nuffin // 56:00: Desmond is definitely being groomed // 1:03:55: Trump makes liberals pro-war // 1:12:30: Yellow Vests spreading...
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